NEW HIV VIRUS THREATENS PH (HIV subtype AE) – By Jadee Dafielmoto

PHILIPPINES – The fastest growing HIV epidemic country in Asia-Pacific region. DOH data show that as of December 2017, there were 50,725 reported cases of HIV in the Philippines and counting. At its current rate, the total number of HIV infections could reach 142,400 by 2022 according to reports.

What is HIV subtype AE:

A more aggressive HIV subtype which became prevalent in Israel, first through immigration of infected people, mostly intravenous-drug users. It has been discovered that the explosion of HIV in the Philippines is due to a shift from the Western subtype B to a more aggressive HIV subtype AE. Those infected by the HIV subtype AE are younger, sicker patients who are more resistant to antiretroviral (ARV) drugs. We are also seeing a faster progression to AIDS under subtype AE.

As an HIV advocate it breaks my heart to see the increasing number of HIV positive reported cases. Being exposed to People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV/AIDS) who are mainly some are closest friends, others are acquaintances, you would really see physical changes as a result of weakened of immune system. For now, there is no medicine for cure, but there are 5 HIV cure myths PLHIV lived with just to name a few.

1. Alternative medicines and therapies can cure HIV ? NO
2. I’m undetectable and can’t pass on HIV – does this mean I’m cured? NO!
3. Having no symptoms means you’re cured of HIV ? NO!
4. A higher power can cure HIV (Divine grace) ? NO!
5. Having sex with a virgin will cleanse HIV? NO!

May these myths brings hope to infected person or retribution to innocent who might be at risk of possible infection ,it is our social responsibility to educate ourselves of the accurate information to safeguard our own life and be an instrument in disseminating accurate information to shed light on the issue.


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