CAN EX LOVERS BE FRIENDS ? (7 reasons why) – By Jadee Dafielmoto

Many people suggest that you can still remain friends effectively, if you follow the right steps. In general it always depends to the reason which caused your breakup. In this way, remaining friends or friendly — with an ex can serve as a kind of time capsule. Time heals a broken heart- maybe if the answer is “NO” for now, then we have to respect that, as letting go is not an easy task to mend a lonely mess.

1. He was there during your hard times

Aside from your best friend, your Ex lover is that one person who knows all about you GOOD or BAD. By just looking at the mirror of your soul, your Ex can attest just don’t be afraid to open up. He maybe an asshole when you’re still together, so give him the benefit of the doubt this time – He is already a changed person according to rumors.

2. Meet with the Parents

When you think you and him ang itinadhana kaya pinakilala mo na siya sa pamilya mo. It is really difficult to explain to your parents and relatives why all of a sudden you’re no longer explicitly seen together. To avoid more speculations and bad rumors, better be friends less than lovers, kasi nga mas may forever sa #FriendshipGoals.

3. Shared memories

How many Valentine’s day you’ve spent together? Those time na sabay kayo maligo naka hubo’t hubad?! Naalala mo paba yung mga masasayang panahon na magkatabi kayo sa bus ng ilang oras para puntahan yung dream destination niyo? Enough said. The problem with some failed relationships were mainly focused sa reason ng break up and tend to forget ALL the good memories you have had with that person who broke your heart. Hindi ba pwedeng isipin nalang na yung taong KINALIMUTAN mo ay siyang minsan NAGPASAYA sayo ?

4. Concern Ex-tizen

With all that you have shared in the past, it is innate and human’s nature to show concern for someone you had dealt with, much if that person played so much role in your life. No dramas, no bitterness, show concern.

5. Can be your confidant

Is it difficult to tell a problem to your Ex? How do you maintain friendship with your Ex? Is it possible ? (see previous article) .Being friends with your Ex takes time, guts and courage to understand your past and once you overcome that stage, sharing a cup of coffee and a good conversation, maybe a start of a good friendship.

6. Can help you with your financial hardship

Your Ex is that one person who knows what your struggles are and your family background. With the financial concern we have for some extenuating circumstance we seek financial help to our friends, even to strangers thinking they could help.There’s nothing wrong asking help from you Ex (As the last resort), just set proper expectation that no sexual throwback is necessary and should not be an avenue to repeat the same mistake again (If you know what I mean) .

7. The person who hurt you, but also understand you

Do you still remember how you love story started ? Do you
still recall how well you spent your first date?. Reminiscing the past do not necessary mean longing for a intimate throwback. This is one way to realize no matter how painful your break up was, still there’s more good memories to look back. Don’t hate the flashback from things you don’t want to remember, instead genuinely MOVE ON from the reason that caused you pain and you will live happily ever after.

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