Sabi nila pag naging kaibigan mo yung Ex mo hindi daw totoo yung pagmamahalan ninyo. Hindi natin pwede lahatin ang isang masalimuot na pahina na iyong pag-ibig. Susubukan kong baguhin ang iyong pananaw.

  1. Acceptance

How many tears you’ve cried to free yourself from the hurt that is hunting you every night. When all you feel is sadness because good memories flashes back those times when you are still happy together. Life is no fairy tale, no immortality, it must have to come to an end and that’s the sad reality.

2. Time heals

Sa pagkakataon na ang sobrang minahal mo, ay siya ring sobrang dumurog sa puso mo. Paano kapa kaya makapag move on? Time heals a broken wound, eventually if you learn to accept that your love story has come to an end, once you look back, tatawanan ninyo nalang ang sakit ng nakaraan.

3. Communication

Action speaks louder than words as they say, pero hindi nyo naman kelangan na magka TXT or CHAT palagi, just a simple “HI” and “HELLO” would suffice as a simple way of saying I still remember you despite what we have become. If
you are already committed with someone else then put limits, know your boundaries.

4. Emotional Cues

If you are friends in FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM and other social media app, don’t forget to validate emotional cue. If he posted sad , a sad face emoticon will do. If he is happy, thumbs up emotion is fine but please don’t use the HEART
emoticon to avoid misinterpretation.

5. Revisit Good Memories

Ilang months ba ang naging relasyon ninyo ? For sure you both have shared good memories and that should remain in your treasure chest forever. The problem kung bakit madami ang bitter after break up kasi they focus on the mistake and the reason of break up and not the good memories na for sure mas madami kesa sa dahilan kung bakit ka nasaktan. We have different struggles and yours maybe easier said than done.

6. Keep Your Circle

He have set of friends, so do I. Hindi mo naman kelangan lumayo sa mga taong naging parte ng buhay ninyo, instead treasure their presence and thanked them for coming into your life. Remember, some people come into your life to build new horizon, some may leave  to teach us a lesson.

7. Unlove Him

This is to set proper expectation na walang ng tayo, at hindi na ako ang para sayo. UNLOVE is a synonym of unwanted which connotes a negative meaning. Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Hate cannot drive out hate. Maybe the best term to use is genuinely MOVE ON.

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