ABOLISH or REPLACE CHR Commissioner?

After reading negative and affirmative remarks about congress giving CHR one thousand (1000 PHP) budget for 2018 I was untroubled.

Media plays a vital role in our society of giving first hand information of what is happening in our country all year round, local and international. We have witnessed how bad our country was even before the leadership of PRDD – But some colors as if woke up one morning feels like their loving country got detroyed by a single person named Rodrigo when in fact we are worst before than today.

Many of us forget the promises of those TRAPOS during elections and when put into office what they prioritize is how to be more influencial and richest for mercenary gain, and not for the public’s trust and welfare.

My point is, many individuals who are into power got involved in HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION how do we know about it ? MEDIA! It was publicised and the general public is aware of what possible action CHR took place if theres any, but we failed to hear any statement from CHR during the past administration, WHY ???

Now, YOU rant about the killings/murder which you relate to EJK. Let’s deal about facts, from 2010 to 2015, during the Aquino administration, an average of 35 are killed every day. But now under President Duterte, only 20. Why didn’t we hear any abuse of power during these times when record shows they seem to be drastic killings and unresolved murder cases – Where is CHR during these years ?

As a normal Filipino citizen, I was under the impression that CHR is serving all FILIPINO who are deprived of justice of being innocent. I thought CHR is in my side when all else fails, but I am wrong – because according to CHR they only deal with public servants/government officials who violated HUMAN RIGHTS, which is contraditing to why CHR is hereby created under ARTICLE XIII of 1987 constitution section 18.3(HUMAN RIGHTS).

It clearly stipulates “Provide appropiate legal measures for the protection of human rights of ALL PERSON WHITHIN THE PHILIPPINES, as well as FILIPINOS residing abroad and for preventive measure and legal aid services to the under-privileged whose human rights have been violated or need protection – Thus I conclude that the chairman of CHR is not aware of his duties and responsibilities following the simple rule drafted under 1987 constitution.

Of all the killings not related to drugs CHR remain silent!
I have 2 recommendations , oust chairman Gascon or Abolish CHR and create an independent office of the same work scope that will oversee by a much credible liaison.

Jadee Dafielmoto
Ako si JADEE nagmahal, nasaktan, nalungkot, nagsulat, nagpakasaya, at di matatakot na magmahal ulit kasi sabi nga "kaakibat ng pagmamahal ang masaktan". Samahan nyo ako sa kwento ng buhay at bigyan ng kulay ang dilim ng mapanghusgang lipunan . Wala kabang mapuntahan ? Tamumbay ka muna SA PILING NI JADEE DAFIELMOTO! Tara, usap tayo


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