7 ideal investments in your late 20’s

1. Close Family Ties

We Filipinos are known for our PAKIKISAMA culture and being a family oriented. It is our individual function to only do good things and to develop harmonious relationship as the common function of what the basic unit of society dictates.

2. Genuine Frienship

It is so hard to find real friends, so when you think you found 1 or 2 treasure them forever. Remember that Friends are people who knows all about you and love you just the same.

3. Stable job

We already have played so many games and it’s time to be more responsible and matured enough on our way of thinking. Mind about your future and imagine where do you see yourself years from now?! Having a stable job could land you to places you think is impossible for you to go. Pay your bills ontime and left you a portion of your hardwork for savings.

4. Savings account

In relation to rule#3. Ideally, you need to get a much paying job or land your own business to sustain your financial expenses and settle your debts. Whatever that is left , don’t forget to shell out for your SAVINGS.

5. Liesure travels

You dont live once, You live EVERYDAY. So travel the world if you’re still able. Some are deprived because they don’t have money, health issues, etc. Find your peace and tranquillity. Enjoy while learning, and re-echo what you have learned. Write to express 

6. Micro-business

Putting up your own business takes alot of time, money and sacrifices. Challenges are part of life, frustrations too. Never be discourage to try new things until you reap what you sow.

7. Good memories

We only have one lifetime, some good friends and few travels. Take great photos now, write happy articles and think of happy thoughts because we don’t know until when it lasts. One thing is for sure, it will be there in your treasure chest for a lifetime.

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