8 reasons why some good relationships have to end (Expressed Thru song titles) – By Jadee Dafielmoto

1. I love you, goodbye

– Some relationships have to end for no valid reason at all. You just felt that it’s never gonna work out so you just reasoned out IRRECONCILABLE INDIFFERENCES. I hope you will find the perfect guy for you. I love you …GOODBYE for now.

2. Till my heartaches end

– When he hurt you so badly that only time can heal this broken heart and a scar is the only mark of your forbidden love.

3. Versace on the floor – When you both are head over heels sa isat-isa. Your sexcapade is always a standard of happiness, but when he find a more captivating scent than yours then he goes naked with someone else and you end up crying on the floor.

4. Beauty and the Beast

– When you realized you deserve someone better. I am too beautiful to be hurt by your beasty attitude.

5. Sana dalawa ang puso ko

– When you are torn between two lovers and ofcourse u can’t sail two boats in one river. Huminga ka ng malalim, then mag isip — MAHAL KO o MAHAL AKO ?

6. Wala na bang Pag-ibig

– Never beg for love, if he decided to let go of you so be it. Love is defined in so many different ways and maybe he has not yet to find his own definition of love because he let you go.

7. When you tell me that you love me

– When you’re the only one who is loving and the love you gave is not reciprocated. Don’t wait for him so say I LOVE YOU, much if it takes forever.
Someone out there is worthy of your time and attention so move on.

8. Jealous

– Never make permanent decision if you’re mad. Keep calm and let it past. Being jealous is a gesture of love, pero iba na ang usapan kung talagang naglalandian ang dalawang hayop! Sabi nga ni Elsa “LET IT GO”

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