7 reasons why people tend to deactivate their social media accounts despite its wide range of social influence – By Jadee Dafielmoto

1. Temptation

– Some lovers argue about who you’re chatting with, accepting friend requests, Likes your photo and poked you. Regardless if you have a hidden agenda or not if you are committed, avoiding wide scope of temptation by deactivating your social media accounts others think is one best remedy.

2. Privacy

– To avoid gossip, rumors and misinterpretation and further explanation to your friends and family, deactivating your social media accounts are best to save your relationship and to prevent issues that may arise in the future.

3. Hide from someone

– If you’re a swindler, two-timer, home-wrecker etc… Yes it is a good idea

4. Anti-social

– When all you see is negativity and do not like to intermingle with others thru chat or comments box. If you have no face in your Profile picture, then deactivating your social media account is an option.

5. You and me against the world

– You’re so head over heels with your partner that you think you can live with him/her in your lifetime.What will happen then if he’s/she’s gone ? You’re left alone in your melancholic nights.

6. Fed-up

– You’re just F***kn tired of all the dramas in your timeline. Your so-called friends just message you if they needed something from you. Just tired of the everyday garbage publication about crime, religion and politics.

7. Account blocked

– If you’re one of those bastard who keep on posting nudity or obscene graphic images that Facebook admins are getting tired seeing your name continuously being reported by random concerned.

Jadee Dafielmoto
Ako si JADEE nagmahal, nasaktan, nalungkot, nagsulat, nagpakasaya, at di matatakot na magmahal ulit kasi sabi nga "kaakibat ng pagmamahal ang masaktan". Samahan nyo ako sa kwento ng buhay at bigyan ng kulay ang dilim ng mapanghusgang lipunan . Wala kabang mapuntahan ? Tamumbay ka muna SA PILING NI JADEE DAFIELMOTO! Tara, usap tayo


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