YOUR KIND OF MILLENNIALS ( 7 types of millennials in facebook) – by Jadee Dafielmoto

1. Selfie-Lord

Everybody is a celebrity in their PROFILE PICTURES, a trait that FILIPINO is known of – PALABAN. Just don’t be deceive with it as modern technology tends to deviate among us from filters vs reality.

2. Group page is life

Voluntary or Involuntarily but these fan and group pages is an avenue for some to gain friends. With your daily postings in the Page’s wall only shows how strong your social will is. Just make sure to use this in a good perspective.

3. Messenger is the new SMS

Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to have your friends’ digits because everyone is just a chat away. No load ? Free FB is there. Hassle free and get connected everywhere.

4. Porn hub at its finest

Surprisingly, we top the site as the country with the most number of views worldwide. Keep it up guys. We are all in this together . Condoms for students? Why not! LOL

5. The commentator

We are now so vocal with our opinion. Garbage publication is everywhere and mainstream media is no longer monopolizing our thoughts because we are now a developing thinking nation. During the election campaign, how many FB friends have you blocked because you have a different point of view/stand to a certain issue. As for me, I stopped counting.

6. FB live junkie

With this new feature everyone is now connected and more interactive. You can instantly share your happy, sad, complex and horny moments and be viewed by your friends and followers worldwide. I just hope millennials will use this feature to share positive awareness and good vibes and avoid lustful acts for popularity gain – PORNOGRAPHY.

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