7 most annoying statuses in Facebook before the year ends – by Jadee Dafielmoto


1. 2018 Please be good to me – Ano ba ginawa sayo ni 2017?

All year round you are in doom blaming 2017 as not your best year ? You are the captain of our own ship, let us shape our future, don’t let the future dictate your tomorrow.

2. I will be a better version of myself in 2018

You should always be a better version of yourself on daily basis. We don’t live once, we live everyday.

3. BalikAlindog2018

2011 kapa mataba yearly nalang ganito salubong mo na status ? Yung totoo ? Don’t wait for divine intervention. Having a healthy fit body takes discipline and ALOT of work out.

4. 1/365 days

Your daily routine is not our escapade. Just update your status of what you feel or like doing, I bet that would suffice. Just take off that shitty countdown.

5. Sino pa gusto humabol para taken na ako bago mag 2018?

Seriously ? You find love just a day before the year ends ? Or gusto mo lang sabayan magpapatok ? Landi pa more!

6. New Year’s Resolution

You list 10 New Year’s Resolution and yet ilan sa kanila ang natupad before the year ends? We have a short and long term goal. Set them first one at a time and I believe 1 year is not enough to make it happen. Change is not always the answer, sometimes just reinvention.

7. WHO YOU ka sa akin sa 2018

Bakit ? Will you be a different person in the coming year? Make sure if you post that as your status we can’t recognize you physically baka naman kasi you’re still that duckling never turned into swan. Be humble.

Note: Hindi po masama na mag status ng mga ganyan.. Sabi nga “ITS NOT WHAT YOU SAY, ITS HOW YOU SAY IT”


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