7 reasons why “LABORACAY” is the greatest summer fun getaway – By Jadee Dafielmoto

1. Social Status

A celebrated summer getaway for all beach lovers in all walks of life. Celebrities, politicians, bloggers come and join this event. Nothing compares to its’ night party booze in hand until you get drunk. An avenue to make friends and get the chance to mingle with socialites/celebrities.

2. Party Kingdom

Nothing beats Boracay’s night life! Aside from the enticing sand beach , people go to LABORACAY to party. Booze all over and it is a normal scenery to party only with your trunks on or board shorts/two-piece maybe.

3. Summer bodies

If you have a 34 waistline then start to feel self-conscious because 28-30 is “IN” (Kiddin’). Just feel good with your body and wear your confidence at all times. They’re maybe chub chasers eyeing on you so relax and take it easy.

4. Body exposure

We are very accepting to how westerners flaunt their bodies and we are starting to adopt their liberated culture. Whether you go two piece or one piece or fully naked, it is acceptable there but just be discreet (somewhere private) and act with moral.

5. Y.O.L.O

You Only Live Once, so if you haven’t tried the feel of LA BORACAY, I suggest to add it on your to do list for 2019.

6. Summer Trend

This became a trend for some. Their summer is never complete without ending it with a bang! LABORACAY it is.

7. Beach lover

The powdery sand that turns pink when it hits the sun. The sob of the sea that let you reminisce your melancholic nights – Exemption for LABORACAY because party never ends in may 1.

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