HOW SOON IS NOW (7 ways to realize that you’re falling in love) – By Jadee Dafielmoto

1. Answered prayer.

Do you believe in destiny ? Are you one of those hopeless romantic longing for love and cried for it always ends in goodbye? We thought our love story just ended there – mesirable. Not until we found that one person who let us feel the unconditional love in the most unexpected ways. He is your answered prayer.

2. Won’t last a day without you

We feel sad for no reason. Okay, maybe the right word to describe that feeling of emptiness is MISSING YOU. When you started checking all your means to communicate and your mood depends on him. Happiness is when your chatting together like there’s no tomorrow. Sadness when he’s ignoring you.

3. Dreaming of you

When you kiss goodnight before bedtime to rise and shine till the morning sunshine.You smiled even if you close your eyes and your heart is pounding with excitement and you just can’t explain how it feels like.

4. Can’t keep my eyes off you

Beauty is subjective, hence what you see in him are all greatness. When you’re head over heels that you conclude he is the most beautiful man in the universe.When you think that nobody walks the way he walk. Nobody talks the way he talk, you simply find him AMAZING.

5. Rainbow always after the rain.

When all else fail he is always there to cheer you up. We all have our bad days and hoping to end it right there and then. When we feel the world is so unfair he is just there waiting, smiling at you. Then you realize, LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

6. Shine bright like a diamond.

Like diamonds he is forever. It is difficult to find true love as we hardly can say which diamond is genuine or not. Love is precious and priceless, so when you’re starting to build your future together with him, then you’re in love.

7. No goodbyes only goodnight.

When time runs so fast that you don’t have any choice but to let the darkness of the sky win this time. When you both are so unwilling to end the happy memories before the night gets old. No goodbyes, just goodnight.

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