8 reasons despite you having thousands of followers but less likers – By Jadee Dafielmoto

1. Trying hard magpaka witty

– Being smart is something you have to work on and it takes more practice to develop that “wit” the masa is looking for. Just be yourself and always remember never to copy and paste someone else’s status without giving credits.

2. Non-sense post, no substance

– This is the opposite of rule#1. Be sensible enough on what you are posting baka naman nagmumukha kana palang tanga sa dami ng gramatical errors and sentence fragment, minimal errs is acceptable. Also, when you post make sure your claims are supported with facts or basis.

3. Nakakaumay

– Having a good body, handsome face is very appealing to look at, pero if this is all you can offer at paulit ulit nalang may tinatawag po tayong career path… Gumawa kana lang ng sex video para maiba naman at baka bumalik pa ang fame mo.

4. Pinaglipasan ng kasikatan

– When you’re getting older alot of things changed at tamad kanang mag update sa social media mo. Mas gugustuhin mo nalng mag coffee kasama ang closest friends and accept that your old famous days is over.

5. Auto friend and follow generated

– Who do not like to get notice? Who do not like good compliments? At some point in our life we have dreamt of being FAMOUS, but all the above mentioned will not happen kasi they are forced to be your FB followers. Pano sila mag like kong tagalog ang status mo pero mga foreigners nasa ang friendslist mo.


– We have these bitter friends and followers na ayaw kang maging taken, so that is their way of boycott and revenge.

7. Excessive filters

– We have this 1 or 5 ay hindi…more than 10 FB friends that we hardly can’t identify when we see them in FACEBOOK vs REALITY. It is better to be appreciated for what you are, than to be IDOLIZED for what you are not.

8. Bad vibes

– When all your posts are filled with anger, hatred, sadness and sorrow. Hindi lang kita hindi e like, e blocked pa kita. Social media is a platform to socialize and not to spread pessimism.

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