8 fundamental rules on how to effectively use social media – By Jadee Dafielmoto

1.Be active

No race,gender,religion and belief can stop us from exploring the wonders of social media. It is a venue to voice out your opinion, negative or positive. Social media is a platform to exercise our freedom of expression just do not go beyond what you think is NOT acceptable to the society.

2.Be productive

If you can’t manage to update your status because you are too busy with work or no access to inet, you should at-least post something once in a while just so your friends and followers know that you still exist. Post something worth to LIKE and HEART which relates to rule#6.

3.Be vigilant

Social media is now use to meddle in your privacy and worst ruin your relationship because we are to open about our personal life which people think is okay for them to step in our privacy. Do not tagged persons who are dear to you as attackers and snakes are just around the corner to bite whenever opportunity strikes.

4.Be responsive

Replying to comments will not take even a minute of your time so be kind enough to respond. Bad or good comments are exerted efforts and it’s up to you to accept or defend it, just let them realize that you are not affected to every words they say because they can only judge on what they see and is only an assumption.

5.Be sensible

I know it is your timeline and you are entitled to post anything you want, but please with reservation. Not everything needs to be broadcast because we don’t even care where you POOP and what does it look like. We also have to consider our followers and learn to FILTER our words and what picture to post.

6.Be smart

Whatever you posted is at-least a reflection of you. Therefore, if you wanted to be treated nicely then post something nice. If you wanted to be treated as an asshole then post nasty. We can’t dictate people on how to treat us but we can educate them base on what they see.

7.Be brave

Never be afraid to speak your mind as long as you can support your claims. We have different ways of thinking and what is acceptable to me may not be acceptable to you. Be brave to defend on what you believe in, just stand by it until the end – INTEGRITY.

8.Be yourself

All stated Above are just reminders because you’re still the captain of your own ship.¬†As I wrote in my previous articles ” IT IS BETTER TO BE APPRECIATED FOR WHAT YOU ARE, THAN TO BE IDOLIZED FOR WHAT YOU ARE NOT”.

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