7 strange questions your facebook friends asked you – by Jadee Dafielmoto

1. You look great, Nagpa retoke ka? –

This is a No No lalo na at hindi kayo friends in real life. Though it is very evident ang instant pag tangos ng ilong nya. Just keep your silence and wait until he divulge it in public.

2. NASL (Name, Age, Sex, Location)

Never ask this as a common form of rapport as this is mostly applicable sa YAHOO chatroom 48years ago! In reality all your questions is already answered, may pictures uploaded naman and try to check sa ABOUT section for more details.

3. Anong size mo ?

Medyo awkward kasi personally I never measure it at saka ano tingin mo sa Tit*ko… Sapatos ?! Unless you’re halfwit to differentiate Facebook vs Grindr.

4. Are you top or bottom

This is normal only if your intention is to have sex, but if it is for friendship, then just refer the answers to his pictures and body language (Though you maybe deceived). If you have the chance to do it in person don’t be afraid and give it a go! 

5. May partner kana ?

RELATIONSHIP status is confidential. You may refer it sa relationship status nya sa FB kahit hindi naman totoo. Go for a date and ask him personally. If he said he’s in a relationship na tapos push mo padin yung sweet convos nyo … Yung totoo,ano yang trunks mo bes na mala ahas ang tela, suot mo ba yan or ugali mo ?

6. Do you have a car ?

Needless to say, ano tingin mo sa pw*rta mo, parking lot ? Eto yung mga galawang social climber! Mag UBER or GRAB ka nalng bes!

7. You look old or you look tired.

This is not a good way to start a conversation. He maybe napaglipasan na ng panahon but he feels otherwise kasi he love himself so much at GGSS padin siya upto this day. So be careful baka maging mortal enemy mo pa sya in the future. Respect and watch your words.

Jadee Dafielmoto
Ako si JADEE nagmahal, nasaktan, nalungkot, nagsulat, nagpakasaya, at di matatakot na magmahal ulit kasi sabi nga "kaakibat ng pagmamahal ang masaktan". Samahan nyo ako sa kwento ng buhay at bigyan ng kulay ang dilim ng mapanghusgang lipunan . Wala kabang mapuntahan ? Tamumbay ka muna SA PILING NI JADEE DAFIELMOTO! Tara, usap tayo


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