7 ways to summer stardom – By Jadee Dafielmoto

1. Trunks|Bikini shot

Not everybody has the guts to pose in their trunks or bikini as it takes alot of courage to do it. May the result be acceptable or not.. Bad or good it is still a publicity. So remind them to get ready for your next summer’s surprise act to stardom.

2. Famous beach destinations

Boracay, Palawan, Puerto Galera who do not wish to be in these lovely places for summer? Ofcourse none. Sometimes, the place you go becomes a basis to which walks of life you belong.

3. Be with hot guys

How many calories and carbs do these hot guys have avoided just to get their summerlicious body – hands down to these gentlemen! So, if you have no abs like them take a photo with them and tagged your friends for sure they will comment on those guys you are with — atleast you’re still part of the publicity.

4. Be with handsome guys

Spending money to make Libre your handsome so called-friends just to have photos together with them is a well planned act. You may post sweet pictures together para mas pag usapan.

5. Post Fancy selfies

Yatch, Rayband, Jetski-ing is worth the LIKE. Many would like to befriend with you but just make sure you can stand with it for the rest of the 365 days.

6. Share post with circle

Having a big group can create a big noise in social media. If each of them will share what you have posted that means more visibility and will circulate to some friend of a friend’s timeline.

7. Update social media

Not everyone cares on what you’re up to but atleast update your social media so people will have a glimpse of your whereabouts. If your post is a bit interesting , JACKPOT! Likes and shares will follow.

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