8 rules to unforgettable One-Night-Stand – By Jadee Dafielmoto

Most hook ups are arranged thru the use of dating apps. Most are filtered thru your nearest location|Distance. Let me share some unforgettable One-Night-Stand points to ponder.


1. Good Moaning
– Yes, it is moaning not morning -a low sound expressing physical or sexual pleasure. The louder the sound the more suffering and pleasure it brings to partners having passionate love following application of rule#5.

2. Less drinks, more convo
– Prepare something that both of you agree to share like a bottle of vodka or gin. Don’t let yourself drown till drunk as you would feel more aggressive or sluggish depending on your body’s response. Getting to know more of each other stage would add spice to your sexcapade because you feel secure and no strangers at all.

3. Feel confident, act with confidence
– This is self explanatory, just don’t over-do it as it defeats the purpose. Remember you are portaying a hot, sexy, gentleman (Even if you’re not). Overly dressed-up and|or over confident would create a negative impression and is not good to start your night. No bashful, loud dresser, overly accessorized on a ONE-NIGHT-STAND which relate to rule#4.

4. Less is more (Boxers, Sando)
– Most hook ups are arranged thru the use of dating apps. Most are filtered thru your nearest location|Distance. Following rules#s 2 and 3, I suggest you wear something that is easy to bare so once you get naked, everything will run smoothly according to plan. For participants of 2 or more, a BARE or DARE game is perfect to start a naughty night.

5. Say my name

Get personalize when having sex. Saying his name adds more excitement to his libido in return he will respond to you with his loudest moaning glory.

6. Max of 4

Don’t be too excited to try different positions. Change position one at a time in every 5-10 minutes interval of your act. Save the rest for your 2nd and 3rd encounter.

7. Lust,Sex and Drugs
– This creates a chemical romance that is so powerful in the course of your sexual intercourse that both party will miss the value and genuine pleasure of sexual intimacy. Never have sex to someone you lust because you’re under the influenced of drugs. He maybe the most handsome onset but after the effects of drugs, he’s the ugliest and worst you curse him for having a One-Night-Stand.

8. No Strings Attached
– Dishonest, Playful, Unfaithful – These traits are very common to someone who do One-Night-Stand but this doesn’t mean you are less of a person. Sex plays a vital role in our life that is why when we got the chance to have sex with your crush, you easily give-in. Doing a background check is better but not neccessary.
Follow some points to ponder;
a)Your conscience will bother you because he’s in a relationship
b)You will cry in the end because you fall for him but he’s in a relationship
c)It’s better to be safe than sorry – HIV awareness #SafeSex

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