8 reasons despite you having a handsome face, zero sex life – By Jadee Dafielmoto

1. Sex is a Choice
– Life is all about choices and whatever makes you happy then you must choose it. But, who the hell is happy without having a sexual escapade ? Siguro isa ka sa mga hindi nag forward ng chained messages 10 years ago kaya badluck sa sex life.

2. Bad Karma
– What goes up must come down. Try to revisit what have you done in your past relationships, then reflect. Maybe isa sa mga X mo ay sinumpa kana.
3. Monotonous (Dull and Boring)
– When all you have is good looks, period. Isa kang tuod pag nakikipag date at non sense kausap. How will someone be interested if his/her first impression is you’re boring.

4. A.K.A Fuccboi
– People admire you, they want you in bed because you’re too hot to handle. But hey there is a twist, hindi nila gagawin yun kasi they are afraid na presyohan mo sila when in fact you are no fuccboi in reality, so tone down 🙂

5. No sex appeal
– Good looks vs sex appeal ? Having a guy with sense of fashion, humour and idea is sexier than those of JUST a handsome face.

6. Indigent (Mukhang mahirap)
– Ang dami nito sa facebook pero bakit hindi sila maxado mabenta for sex. Why? Because people think na gagawin mo lang silang sugar daddy or sponsor and money is all that matters to this poor looking bae.

7. The PARIS HILTON (Isnabero)
– When they think you are not approachable, hard to please and feeling nag aaral sa Enderun, but in reality you are humble and nice. My advice is bawasan ang kapal ng kilay.

8. Mr congeniality for all season
– When people are afraid to have sex with you kasi lahat ng puntahan mo ay kilala ka. People think if they do one night stand with you nakka blast message kana sa mga kakilala mo at masisira ang good image nila “kuno”. Could be KISS and TELL aura.

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