8 reasons bakit lahat ng malalandi may jowa – By Jadee Dafielmoto


Confidence lang ang puhunan para makamakit mo ang matamis nyang OO. You know from the start na di kayo bagay because of your imperfections but who knows maybe your imperfection turns out as asset. Remember …love moves in a mysterious ways.

Ahas! Mang aagaw! Yan palagi ang tagged sa mga malalandi pero you can’t blame them if they are too hot to handle which relates to rule#3.



3. LOVE ON TOP – Who wants a boring housewife ? These so-called malalandi are known to their HOKAGE moves. Hence better befriend with them and learn how to ignite your monotonous love affair.


Dahil nga sa malandi sila, normal na ang mang agaw or maging kabit. But wait, let us not put all the blame to them baka naman kasi as the legal wife nagkulang ka kaya si Mr right mo ay nangaliwa!

Ang malalandi daw ay di titigil hanggat di nakukuha yung borta or twink na gusto nila kaya even if it take years kaya nila mag wait and take the risk until their dream boy noticed them. Dati crush mo lang sya pero ngayon jowa mo na.

karamihan sa malalandi ay mukhang masarap. Fact! They will use their sex appeal and body to get you trapped. When he asked you for a second date you can’t say NO. How can you resist the second encounter kung ginalingan nya ng todo sa first round.


The malalandi are afraid of commitment. They tend to keep their relationship in private para masabing single sila. Lesson: Just kiss them but don’t you dare fall in love with them.


Hindi lahat ng malalandi ay masama at player. Sabi nga sa kanta “kapag tumibok ang puso wala kanang magagawa kundi sundin ito” . If the malandi truly loves you… Wala kanang hahanapin pa as they will fight for your love even if time changes your destiny.

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