7 reasons why february 14 is also known as all souls day for singles and broken-hearted – By Jadee Dafielmoto

February is the month of heart, dapat love is in the air when suddenly you realized something is wrong with your relationship. Are you still willing to take the risk or bury your feelings and just observe the All Souls Day ?


1. Roses are red and I’m feeling blue

February is the month of heart, dapat love is in the air when suddenly you realized you’re single. Ang sad diba ? How about buying a bouquet of roses out from your own pocket then ipa deliver mo sa office address ? Could be a nice idea to hide your sadness away from people but not to yourself.

2. The bitter heart eats the owner

Sabi nga sa kanta WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO saan nga ba ? Ibahin nalang natin WHAT DO BROKEN HEARTS EAT ? We have different ways of moving on and part of it is letting go of your past. Minimize revisiting happy memories of you and your Ex as it eats your soul and live you with nothing. #Ampalaya #Bitter

3. Bad Romance

When you are sexually compatible together but destiny have moved you both to separate lives. Now you’re longing for that same exact feeling that is hard to find and a sexual throwback is never na mangyayare so you’re then stuck with your lustful memories with him.

4. Diamonds are forever

Everyday spent with him is like a diamond that is so precious, expensive and so hard to find. But wait, we are talking about LOVE and REALITY sabi nga nila “Walang Forever” . Love is so powerful that it can move mountains, can cross the deepest sea and climb the highest hill, so just wait for THE RIGHT ONE for you dahil according sa listahan ni cupid you are next in line.

5. Minsan lang kitang iibigin

We have this one TRUE love that for some reason we let him go but until now we are desperate of moving on. Naalala mo paba yung first kiss nyo, yung first hug nyo and oh! your First and last GOODBYE

6. Ang Minsan ay Magpakailan man

It is so painful to reminisce the past na wala kang ginawa to win him back edi sana you’re still holding hands spending Valentines. Now only to memories nalang ang MINSAN AY MAGPAKAILANMAN.

7. Babangon ako at dudurugin kita

When you’re relationship is a disaster. Yung tipong ayaw mo ng balikan ang lahat ng anong meron kayo. But then again, naging parte padin siya ng buhay mo kaya kelangan bumangon ka and let him see na ito ako ngayon oh ANG GANDA KO DIBA?!.

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