7 reasons bakit hindi pwedeng maging kayo ng crush mo – By Jadee Dafielmoto

1. No feelings at all
When you’re head-over-heels sa kanya pero wala siyang substance kausap. Turn off.

2. Too good to be true
when you already put a label of what you percieved is his real identity base on rumors. Dahil nga you’re afraid to open up and being real so you let your stupid mindset swallow you. You just waste your chances.

3. You’re afraid to be hurt again.
When you both like each other pero the feelings of your past is not yet over. You’re afraid to invest in love, and be loved back.

4. You’re not his ideals
Yung hanggang likes and heart ka nalang sa lahat ng posts nya because you believe that he’s never gonna like you at all. Strike 2 mistake which relates to rule#2.

5. Insecure of his circle
When he’s befriend to everyone lalo na yung mga gwapo, hot at mukhang mayayaman. You started to feel less of a person to mingle with them.

6. He is committed
Gusto nyo ang isat isat pero he is not willing to give up the present so ang peg mo is waiting in vain to forever until love fades away.

7. He’s a fucc-boi
He is a material boy and his love has a price. No to this guy.

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