The Worst Time Of Death

The world suffered hundred calamities, million crimes against nature and humanity, famine and hundred wars, yet we survived.

What is worst by being killed with this invisible enemy? This is what is attacking humanity this present time after more or less 100 years of being dormant.

While we enjoy the pleasure of living our temporary existence and oblivious to what lies ahead, one thing is certain – That all of us will experience the end of life – Death.

Cause of death – COVID-19.

Viruses are found wherever there is life and have probably existed since living cells first evolved. The origin of viruses is still unclear.

In the Philippines, for deaths due to COVID-19, bodies must be placed in cadaver bags which are wrapped, sealed and sprayed with sodium hydrochloride. The remains should be cremated within 12 hours, thus family will have no time for wake nor privileged grief. As of this writing, there were 835 deaths tallied in the Philippines, while 320 thousand deaths recorded worldwide.

These numbers are only associated for first wave. Historical data shows that second wave is likely to be even more devastating. To liberate Philippines by lifting the Extend Community Quarantine for the sake of economic sustainability, is this really a smart decision to make? Do we have enough cadaver bags to cater the 2nd wave? I’m not being pessimistic, I am only pointing a realistic possibility.

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