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Sunday, July 21, 2019
1. Temptation - Some lovers argue about who you're chatting with, accepting friend requests, Likes your photo and poked you. Regardless if you have a hidden agenda or not if you are committed, avoiding wide scope of temptation by deactivating your social media accounts others think is one best remedy. 2. Privacy - To avoid gossip, rumors and misinterpretation and further explanation...
*****BAD REVIEW*** I get my VISA AMORE prepaid card thru BPI savings bank assuming this would benefit me to purchase flights/hotel online but everything turns out miserable. 7 things to AVOID getting VISA AMORE thru BPI!!! 1. Deposit don't reflect real time. If you want to purchase online and you don't have balance and will transfer money from your personal account to...
Madali mag sabi ng I LOVE YOU keysa mag SORRY. Pero hindi ba't mas mahirap sabihin ang HINDI KITA GUSTO at sa papaanong paraan ? Paano ba pwedeng sabihin o ipadama na BASTED siya ? 1. Im taken (Kahit hindi naman) To avoid further conversation act as if you're loyal and trusthworthy 2. You're too good for me Kahit alam naman natin lahat na...
1. Bagong Mukha I always believed na walang pangit na mukha kasi meron at merong maganda jan kelangan mo lang hanapin. May kakilala ako maganda ang mata, maganda ang ilong, maganda ang lips pero nung pinagsama-sama ayun "NO COMMENT " hahaha. These retokadas just super feel their new YOU and tend to act overly confident. 2. Kinain ng systema Dahil sa nag...
1. The LAVATORY guy - This bae don't care how expensive the entrance fee is or how crowded the pub looks like because he has his own favorite place inside the bar "THE MEN's ROOM". Let us give him the benefit of the doubt, siguro mas malamig doon or friendly lang sya at mas malaki ang chance to meet MAHAROT...
1. Polygamous by nature - Dahil sa mindset na "Walang mawawala" we tend to go beyond the limit. We treat sex as if part of our daily life when in fact dapat isinusuko lang ang bataan sa taong mahal mo #Charot 2. Unfaithful - It is really hard to avoid flirting lalo na kung si crush na ang nag initiate. Just remember...
  1. TO GUTS BE THE GLORY Confidence lang ang puhunan para makamakit mo ang matamis nyang OO. You know from the start na di kayo bagay because of your imperfections but who knows maybe your imperfection turns out as asset. Remember ...love moves in a mysterious ways. 2. SNAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL Ahas! Mang aagaw! Yan palagi ang tagged sa mga malalandi...
1. Feeling Disregarded Time and distance should not be an issue if you only give assurance na khit busy ka naaalala mo padin siya. There are 2 components liase with your absence. a) Mamimiss mo sya ng sobra. b) You will learn to live on your own, alone. 2. Trust Issues When you're head-over-heels and you're blinded by the truth. Always remember that...
With the alarming increase in numbers of PLHIV (people living with HIV) Pinoy Plus, a group of Filipinos infected with HIV which has been helping the government in reaching out to infected individuals through peer counseling have identified males-having sex-males(MSM) and transgender women who have sex with men (TGW) are afraid to seek treatment because” they still could not...
Admit it. There are times when you wish you could get away from it all by moving to your own private island. Well, some cruise passengers actually can at least for a day. Each of the following cruise lines below offer passengers a day of fun in the sun on their very own private island. For many cruisers, this...




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