7 signs that you’re a true blooded PINOY – by Jadee Dafielmoto

1. Miss Universe is a national NO-Parlor day

– Every coronation night palaging close or di kaya bawal mag accept ng customers ang mga ate natin sa salon. At saka as customer wag nadin mag bakasakali kasi pag natalo si Miss Philippines ikaw pa ang pagbuntungan ng galit. Go Rachel Peters please bring home the bacon #MSU2017!

2. Pacman is a Hero

– Like Ms Universe, Official NO traffic day kasi nakatutok sila manong driver sa TV at sa pagbabalik ni Manny P. manalo o matalo may bonggang pa Hero’s welcome si mayor. Bakit kaya ???

3. Throwback Thursday and Flashback Saturday

– Before we are very scared that someone might see our old photos kasi nga when puberty strike, but today we are now very confident sharing to our friends the BEFORE and AFTER transformation with a caption #BeCarefulWhoYouBullyChallenge

4. Laughter is the best medicine

– Baha, Bagyo, Lindol or kahit ano pa mang delubyo FILIPINOs are very accepting in moving on. Buti nalang hindi tayo nasanay sa marangyang pamumuhay kaya kahit isang kilong bigas at mga sardinas lang malaking bagay na “Well not for me HAHA”. #Relief

5. Keyboard Bashers/Defenders

– We tend to be perfectionist in different ways dahil nadin siguro sa influence ng American and Spanish culture. We often see ENGLISH as a measure of intelligence rather than a language. We often judge beauty as mestiza and kayumanggi is just a color and sometimes even bullied as pangit. Also, do not ever bash PRRD because his keyboard warriors will eat you alive.

6. Mr know it all habit

– We have a comment to everything that we see, good or bad. Even high-school students or pupils andami ng nasasabi about bagay-bagay. Our freedom of expression is very well exercise to the extent that we no longer know the value of Independence and rights to express. Good or bad, this is one trait that makes us known WORLDWIDE, being true to ourselves and a fighter.

7. Boracay, Baguio, Palawan and Puerto galera is your holiday getaway

– Why not ? These places are worth your time and travel. They are simply a haven of bounty and a place to discover Filipino culture and beauty.

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