Have you ever heard of TWUNK,BUTCH or the OTTER? In this modern age, our preference and terminology have also evolved that Inter-sexual and Asexual is now part of LGBT family (LGBTQIA). People may see LGBTQIA as a community and a family of diverse stand point and belief, but I am 100% sure we all can agree that we are tagged as such because we love SAME SEX relationship.


This Boyish with an extremely slender build makes round in twitter-verse. Gone are the days of BEEFY, BEAR, BUFF guys that many fantasize for hook up, because TWINK is more submissive and easy to dominate. Mature guys love to do role plays and TWINK is one best support lead character.


Straight men and Bisexuals can be into these glamorous and always the life of the party. They are so hard to resist because they are just oozing with personality. In terms of hook up, it maybe a challenge for DRAG QUEENS to get serious takers because gay nowadays like men who act men with less make up on.


Don’t be deceive with their fake masculinity. They are more real and rugged than real men and act so much opposite from their gender birth. Female loves to hang out with butch because they share the same emotion and is treated head over heels which is a good gesture because women often wants to get noticed and validation.


When Twink and Hunk become one, then it’s hard to resist. Society and culture dictates what beautiful is in the eyes of majority, thus we conclude TWUNK is such an eye candy. In every parties, TWUNK is in for good catch and more often the first who gets noticed. Don’t forget to spy in their facebook and insta, promise you won’t regret.


Many of this type are office boys or that so called bachelor. They are Lean build with a layer of scruff. Laid-back and never too serious. Is that a sweater or is that just his chest showing off in his unbutton polo. OTTER is typically tagged as clean and worth a 1 night stand because they practice NSA (No Strings Attached). Next victim, come on over!


Large, with excessive body hair. The super matured image of masculinity. They are often seen is most VIDEOKE HOUSE or BATH HOUSE. Our sexual preference are different and I know many twinks who likes BEAR, but as for me? I prefer TWUNK than BEAR though rumors says BEAR are good in bed, the epitome of BDSM.

7. STEREOTYPE – All is well for all types, no specific preference.

They have no specific preference and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person. They are more into what they feel towards the person’s character vs the feel of sexual intimacy.To STEREOTYPE means more opportunity because you are open to all possibilities.