After the fall of opposition senatorial bets otso diretso , it is not only TRUST amongst us is in question because Filipino also have this Canada “TRASH” issue.

Over some 2,500 tons of trash shipped to Manila in 2013 and 2014. The 103 shipping containers of imported garbage, which came courtesy of a private Canadian business, were labeled as mixed plastic recyclables. But they concealed an unsorted mix of electronic and household waste, including adult diapers.

Why Canada shipped it’s garbage to the Philippines and it’s neighbouring ASIAN countries? Is the National government under Former President Aquino’s supervision aware of this ? If so, what benefit did we get out from this shipped garbage ? I wonder.

After several exchanges of emails from concerned departments re this issue which long forgotten and still in limbo, thus, President Rodrigo Duterte earlier gave Canada until today to repatriate the trash, and even threatened to war against the North American country if it fails do so knowing these waste has serious environmental and human consequences.

Reading articles about this issue, several environmental group such as Environmental Group EcoWaste Coalition on Wednesday expressed dismay over the further delay and put burden to Duterte administration due to lack of action,but they forget that these trashes are already in the Philippine soil for over 6 years, just before President took office.

Why keep the blame to this present administration to some issues inhibited from the previous government? I just hope CANADA will clean up its mess the soonest way possible.