Classic Filipino characteristics are often positive traits. Filipinos are known to their Hospitality, Strong Family Ties, Generosity, Strong Work Ethics, Love and Care. But not everyone is of the same traits, there are ofcourse those with Fatalism attitude and Crab mentality.


Meroong 109 million na ang population ng Pilipinas and the cost of living is getting higher and the means of survival becomes really challenging to the rest of us. Good thing the Pinoy’s are very mapamaraan and always look at the silver lining that when things aren’t planned for them, a brighter tomorrow and new opportunity will open.


The emerging market industry is growing really fast at madami sa mga Pinoy ay willing to take the risk of investing to what they think can improve their livelihood. Fatalism attitude can be good or bad ( what goes around, comes around) and MaƱana Habit (Bahala na) because these people are investing for their future, I’ll just wish them all the best.


“Beauty and Brains” kilala ang mga Pinoy jan mapa local or international scene. Many of our world re-known beauty queens and talent contestants came from rags to riches. Palaban talaga ang mga Pinoy sa larangan ng KONTES mapa talento or pagandahan.


In relation to points#3 ang mga Pinoy ay sadyang maparaan. We often go beyond our limits in return of mercenary gain. From being a normal boy/girl in the morning to raketeros at night, lahat ng pwedeng pagkakitaan sumasabak makamtam lang ang ginhawang inaasam.


It takes years to establish credibility in a specific industry. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach, discover brand influencer’s to expand social reach, thus can be a good alternative to earn money in forms of advertising. Regardless, how you got your thousand followers, maging happy nalang tayo sa mga “INFLUENCER” dahil many lives have been touched by them in one way or another.


Love moves in a mysterious ways ika nga, so if you found someone of your ideals plus mayaman wag mo ng pakawalan. This can be classified as heaven in disguise. However, if you don’t feel any love nor like, please be careful in breaking someone’s heart.

6. MAGPAKA AUBREY (Adult entertainment)

MEN4RENT, FEMALEWALK, BOYTOY etc, iilan sa mga bansag sa mga taong mas gusto ang easy money. We cannot question why they’re into this kind of business, but for sure KAHIRAPAN ang main reason for such act. Though we must not judge them, but also should NOT support their gestures if you’re indeed a friend you must encourage him/her to look for a long term job, remember that beauty and body fades away as time passes by.