There are 109 million Filipinos and approximately 229% of which are the voting population of the Philippines. As of 2018, 61 million registered voters, and the question is how does SWS and PULSE ASIA do their survey?

According to these private social research institute, they have interviewed (+-) 1800 persons in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in different walks of life and provided certain names to choose from and hand picked, however they are also open to names not included on the list. Whilst, social media survey is very accessible to 55 million users (Philippines) and this is a good number for FREE publicity and open for comments.

Some aspiring senators who sore high in numbers in social media but are behind SWS and PULSE ASIA survey asked Commission on Elections (Comelec) to stop two major survey firms from publishing pre-election results, claiming they are “bogus” and part of a “mind-conditioning scheme.”. Assuming comelec will respond to the petition and will ask SWS and PULSE ASIA to stop, will this result to suppress rights to public information and Freedom of speech/expression ?

See current survey via this link: