I still remember when I was a kid, when all my likes and wants were very attainable. When all I wish is to be united with my family and watch movies together. I have done that, but why am I still aiming for something else? Does it mean I was not contented of the outcome? When should we stop getting what we want? When should we stop to better ourselves? Is there an equivalent to STOP dreaming? Thus, being contented is close to impossible.


The search for survival, innovation and self-fulfillment has different phases and it seems never ending. What if, people with great minds were already contented of the present and disregard the need of discovery and exploration, can you imagine our way of life?


We always wanted to see how far can we go. Challenges are indeed part of life and we embrace the constant changes, but at some point because of our tenacity we forget the value of what there is, because we desired for more.


In relation to rule#2 , because we desire more than what we currently have, we then challenge ourselves and grasp the idea of learning it the hard way.


Expectations that affect the entire community, or specific parts of it, like the pressure to get married and have children. Society nowadays sometimes dictates how a person should act, feel, dress and what character to portray – but are you genuinely happy ?


We act the way we wanted people to treat us. Pretension seem to be normal in this generation because of our intent to please everybody with material possessions for personal gains. Oftentimes, this situation lead to negative path because one is confident in portraying a crocodile manner.


Because of our ambition of becoming somebody we tried so many things knowing we lack qualities or criteria. A person who is or has the potential to be very successful in different aspect may seem to over do things which may lead to mental deprivation because she/he will never have contentment which relate to rule#5.


Our desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise feels so good yet so bad. There is a constant warfare going on in our bodies… craving, yearning, pulling, urging, desiring, and grasping after whatever desire the body craves.¬† Remember, our body and mind will serve as battlefield of our wants and desires and it is hard to overcome. Indeed, contentment is close to impossible.