1. Shower him with your love

– There’s nothing more special than spending your valentine to someone you really love. His presence during this special day will add value to lengthen your relationship and creating happy memories.

2. Roof top Dinner date

– Deviating from the usual valentine location will make it more memorable to both of you. Eating literally ouside while watching the stars and feel the wind breeze is so relaxing at the same time so romantic.

3. Usual Combo (Bouquet, flowers and chocolates)

– You can never go wrong with these 3 items in fact many said I DO. Just don’t forget the word I LOVE YOU and then smile.

4. Harana

– One tradition that is long forgotten. Who would not want to be serenade by your love? Just don’t use the “O ILAW”as it is already dead and millennials can’t jive with it unless you do it with a twist.

5. Love letters (Hand written)

– This is one very romantic gesture as it is an exerted effort and time. Do you hear the MAKATA rhythm that gives you chill when reading it ?

6. Picture collage

– Memories are forever. Print out of your escapade together and caption it with happy thoughts would mean a lot. Keep it in your treasure box and open it in times of sorrow, surely it will make you smile.

7. Romantic movie date

– Don’t forget the popcorn and some cold chills. Oh wait, also bring a jacket to cover him when he/she is cold and offer your shoulder for comfort.