Social media is full of pretensions and lies. Kaya DO NOT believe that what see or feel is real. Sometimes, it is better to do your own research before you jump into conclusion and drag yourself in a sudden relationship.

1. Profile picture vs Tagged photos

Always take the effort to browse his old photo albums and also for tagged photos. Sometimes candid shots are best to describe a person to set proper expectation.

2. Timeline posts

If you see that majority of his posts are I WANT THIS, I LIKE THAT ,then Stop!

3. Speak your mind

If you read his timeline and all you see are shared photos, memes and videos, you better find someone else more interesting because your first date will be a disaster. He has no guts to start a conversation. (Nganga, Tuod sya bes)

4. Selfie (Picture or Video)

It’s fun and overwhelming to see selfies, much if they are good looking and a bit liberated! However, posting of such 3 times in a day or more is sickening and narcissism.

5. Fame whore

“Mag de-delete ako ng mga inactive friends, comments sa mga active jan, kaway. Please share this post” –
Owppss it’s a No No! Gagawin ka lang niyang collection.

6. Self proclaimed GWAPO

Beauty is subjective, thus gwapo for me may not be gwapo for you (Vice versa) so let us wait for someone to compliment us and should not be coming straight from the horses mouth.


For sure natawag kana neto, but these calling is sometimes use para hindi mabulgar totoong relasyon nila ng friend mo. So do abit of research and investigation before setting up a date baka pa jowa na pala sila ng BES mo.