Social media is full of pretensions and lies. Kaya DO NOT believe that what see or feel is real. Sometimes, it is better to do your own research before you jump into conclusion and drag yourself in a sudden relationship (V2).

1. Q and A

Sometimes nakakairita ang mga tanong na ang sagot is nakikita sa ABOUT ME section. If you’re asked a question, answer it straight and never throw the same question na hindi mo pa nga sinagot yung tanong “Ikaw muna” -Damn!

2. Frequent Traveler

Local or International destination is really so cool, but wait there’s a catch! Wala siyang work, di din naman siya mayaman and take note, siya lang palagi mag isa sa mga photos nya… Ah maybe he asked random strangers to take a photo of him ? Or sponsorship na naman to bes ?

3. The Rich Kid “Kuno”

Posting extravagant possessions. Watches, clothes, shoes, bracelet or even car? Hmm again the catch is — Go back to RULE#3 – Baka maaway kapa ni lolo or ninong nya :).

4. The NOT so eligible Bachelor

For sure majority of them cannot afford VENTI sa SB.


Always check when the account was created, how many mutual friends you have or how many friends or followers meron sya. Baka naman mag date kang mag isa because someone you know just disappeared. #PAASA #POSER

6. Feeling Entitled

There are always 2 sides in every story, if he has something to say to every issue and yet hindi nya isinasaalang-alang opinyon ng iba, then your relationship might be in trouble cause you’ll end up as your partner’s servant.

7. Looking Sickly

With the increasing number of HIV/AIDS the mere fact we are in the number 1 spot throughout SOUTHEAST ASIA, better be safe than sorry. On the other hand, you want to be with a guy who you wish to spend the rest of your life with so make “HEALTH IS WEALTH” your relationship goal.