LOVE CONQUERS ALL – Believing this I thought would make me feel a better person and one day I would fall in love and commit to a fairy-tale like romance – Always a happy ending. But life is no fairy tale only hopes and reality.

People come and go, some leave to give us lessons while others stay to remind us of our self-worth and to build a
stronger foundation.


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Oblivious to what role this person will portray in our life.Is He worth your sacrifice? How difficult is it to remain faithful to a sexual partner?That promise can take many forms, if you choose the path of uncertainty have balls to stand by it.


Big word, right ? Many relationship failed because of trust issues. Will you still trust someone despite their lies and silent infidelity? It take years to build trust with someone but only seconds to loss them.


Sometimes we ask ourselves, how valuable we are to the person we spent the most of our time. There are cases  when breakup and misunderstanding can be devastating due to lack of time, and it’s important to know it’s normal to
grieve the loss of the relationship. Remember, Loss time for love makes you a sad soul and you might regret over the
missed opportunity of being happy in the future.


In this fast changing world, we have to choose where to invest our precious TIME and know our PRIORITIES. We tend to ignore the person we love mainly for reason that career is our top priority and love is just a secondary means of your happiness.


We’ve just been too preoccupied with building our career than appreciating the presence of someone who is always there for us, then later you realized their absence makes your heart go ponder, but it’s already too late which relates to rule#4.


When you wake up one morning and the feelings is gone. How complex is it to fake your relationship? If the love becomes smaller and less hot, would you still say “I LOVE YOU” or face the agony of your conscience?


No relationship is perfect and not everyday spent is happy memory. If he cheated on you once, would you cheat him twice ? Some live in misery because of bitterness and lies and forget the fact that it is their conscience that is hunting them every night. We hurt the one we love for many reasons, and being friends after your break up is such a decision to make. It is okay not to be friends anymore, just avoid vengeance as it eats your soul.