*****BAD REVIEW***
I get my VISA AMORE prepaid card thru BPI savings bank assuming this would benefit me to purchase flights/hotel online but everything turns out miserable.

7 things to AVOID getting VISA AMORE thru BPI!!!

1. Deposit don’t reflect real time.

  • If you want to purchase online and you don’t have balance and will transfer money from your personal account to VISA AMORE prepaid card, the money will not reflect real time and should wait 24 hours before you can use the card. By then, you already missed the best deal online.

2. 200PHP processing fee

  • While this is an extended BPI service, those who wish to have VISA AMORE will still be charge 200PHP for processing fee and would take 2 weeks or more to have your DOOMED card arrived.

3. You cannot check your balance

  • VISA AMORE is a prepaid card, and yet you cannot view your balance unlike normal credit card/debit, unless you have an online banking access.

4. BPI’s 3rd party service provider.

  •  I have been dealing with several issues with my VISA AMORE prepaid card and BPI cannot help because they are lack of knowledge in VISA AMORE processes. I was even the one who dictated them on what to do based on research. VISA AMORE don’t deal with users, so you really have to go to BPI for any concern which causes delay as VISA AMORE provider is not communicable at all times.


  • VISA AMORE do not have user or client hotline to directly report urgent concern, hence you have to go to BPI to raise the issue and response would take 3-4 business days, expect even more delays.


  •  In the event you wish to withdraw you money, unfortunately it is not supported. You need to zero out your prepaid balance by using all your funds. However, you can transfer your funds to your BPI account with 50PHP refund fee.


  •  Because of my disappointment to VISA AMORE, I decided to tear off my card and requested to REFUND back my money to my BPI personal account. I was promised that refund would only take 3 banking days, but sadly it is already on its 6th day and counting, still my money is on hold by VISA AMORE. The remaining funds I have was 6,000PHP and it was a challenge with VISA AMORE to get your money back!

Disclaimer: This is based on my personal experienced liaise might be different from yours.