1. You’re leaving the status quo

When you dedicated your life for years to the company and was excelling, yet you’re still in the same position, stuck and can do nothing but follow orders.

2. You don’t get direct professional feedback

The management seems not interested on how you perform, could be bad or good it is a must, atleast you’re in the loop of your performance.

3. You’re not learning

Repeating the same task over again is crap to the extent that you lost focus on small things which tends to errors and rework.

4. There’s a constant exodus

When great employees are leaving and some are updating their resumes in thinking of greener pasture.

5. There’s a regular re-structuring

A known problem of leadership.

6. Brown Noser

Those unproductive, lazy colleagues but are those who get salary appraisal and promotion only because they are rubbing elbows with his boss. A well planned act for career growth or mercenary gain.

7. You’re no longer happy

Enough said.