Beauty is subjective, however beauty nowadays seemed to over-shadow the real essence of a balance life. We fitfully use beauty as a tool to replace ignorance, and as pass code to easy access complex things for personal and or mercenary gain. Here are the 7 negative effects of beauty that is used as out of context.


We merely see beautiful as innocent by face and with that we get blinded by the naked truth. For some people, they gain easy access to FAME and GLAMOROUS life without thinking how these material possessions manipulate their sacred life – Bad circle, drugs, unexplainable wealth and very dependable to others to name a few.


Just like in movies, the portrayal of beautiful is as powerful, rich and influential. By having a pretty face, it is hard to accuse them of that dirty pretty liar personality.


With our desire for richest in the world and to achieve that, we tend to try everything whatever it takes. Money and Fame which makes a person on top of the pedestal, and for someone who is not born with a silver spoon, he/she will use his/her advantage in exchange for money – and the easiest way is to get tied to rich guys, no love nor your ideals, just a plain money making business to taste that extravagant lifestyle.


The nicest person you could ever meet; in fact, you probably have met him/her. You might know him/her fairly well and you might like him/her a lot without being aware, of course, that he/she’s sleeping with your partner. Being beautiful does not give you the permission to ruin a happy relationship only because it will be very easy for you to do that. We should learn how to value our self-worth with respect and dignity.


It comes with guts and confidence. Nowadays, it’s easier to get something you really want with the help of your charm and beauty. For example, just like in every company we have hired heaps of not qualified persons for a certain post knowing they don’t have the qualities we are searching for. Our mentality just evolved, we tend to see beauty as relevant to society, that pleasing personality is a must.


Because you know a lot of guys admire you, hence you became excessively proud of yourself. There is a big difference between self confidence and being conceited. Always remember that beauty is subjective, what is beautiful to you might not be beautiful for others.


It is so easy to let someone fall for you because nowadays the basis of having a relationship is by appearance. Beauty does not give you the pleasure to hurt somebody’s heart and play same game over again. Do not let your good physical attribute deviate your purpose in life. Remember the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual – BAD KARMA it is.