YOU ARE WORTHY OF ANOTHER CHANCE (The 7 regrets of my past) – By Jadee Dafielmoto

There’s always something to distract us from getting around to certain things we know we should do.  Oftentimes, we only see the value of the people,places,things and events when it’s all gone or it’s too late and all you can do is wish if only you could turn back the hands of time.

1. Bad Influence

When you’re young and free, you tend to disregard the things you love Vs what society dictates you to do. Friends are vital in life’s developmental stage to become a fully functioning individual but it seems like my so called “Friends” diverted my path to something they want me to be in a bad perspective – Less love, sex  and drugs. Then I realized those are only temporary happiness that unrelieved my sagacious mind.

2. Low Spirited

Alot of missed opportunities because I was afraid to try. I tried but I did not give my best because I thought someone is better than me – in what I do, so it’s gone. If only I drive myself to perfection and focus on the things I can do best rather than questioning my own capabilities, there could have been progress instead of disappointments.

3. Listened To Gossip

Gossip have ruined many lives. We often embrace fact less stories and respond to what we believe in. There is always 2 sides and every story hence, we need to listen to both stories and weigh things out. Remember only the ignorant and narrow-minded believe to gossip. On the contrary, there’s a lot of truth that should be passed around.

4. Afraid Of Failure

We strive for perfection but oftentimes this kind of idea overpower our capacity to go beyond expectation and our ability to think outside the box. If I only tried hundred times and have not let closed the doors of opportunities… What If ?

5. Moral Obligation

I always wanted to have clear mindset to What is legal may not necessarily be moral and what is moral may not necessarily be legal. It might be next to impossible for everyone to have the same moral viewpoint since we have different values. Your life, your rules – BE YOURSELF.

6. Afraid To Love Again

Been hurt so many times to the extent that I conclude loving someone is a misery. A burden and a social responsibility which leads a different meaning to me of what love was. But all of that was changed when I learned to accept that no love is perfect, and no relationship is always of happy memories, but also lessons to learn and experiences which made me who I am today.

7. Mediocrity

Doing what is required from us is a measurement of mediocrity. One must stand out from the rest and be a catalyst of positive reinforcement. It is not enough to do what was asked but should always look at the bigger picture and seek more understanding to make sure you’re on the right track. I was once a mediocre, but I was able search for my self-worth and now using my voice to raise certain issues which others don’t have balls to fight for.

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