HOW TO UNLOVE HIM (7 ways of realization) – By Jadee Dafielmoto

1. Divine Intervention

All through our darkest night we felt we are alone and thought that crying is the only way to mend that broken heart as we felt terrible. Ask HIM for guidance and open your heart. HE may not tell you straight how to UNLOVE, but he will give you provision and peace of mind.

2. Revisit your past

Letting go is the hardest part in a relationship. It is very difficult to UNLOVE the person because you are binded with great memories. Think of happy thoughts and accept that it will never be the same again which relates to rule#3.

3. Acceptance.

Melancholic nights – Booze is your bestfriend during your heartbreaking days and think that if you could only activate the UNLOVE button of LOVE so you don’t have to cry every night. But the sad reality is there’s no such thing as UNLOVE but only acceptance that he has now a different path to cross and sadly it is no longer your hands that he is holding on.

4. Forgiveness

How can you forgive someone that caused you pain. How can you forgive him when you thought he will be yours forever. How can you forgive when your dream is to be with him til eternity. How ? Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong, it makes you bitter. Forgiving doesn’t make you weak, it sets you free.

5. Self-worth

You love him so much and gave everything. Then, he breaks your heart, what’s left ? Crying over spilled milk will not turn your broken heart back into pieces. Love yourself more than anything else. UNLOVE-ing him is not easy until you realize that you needed more love for yourself as part of self-reconstruction.

6. Seek advice

True friends are always there to give you words that you don’t want to hear just to wake you up from reality that he is not worth your tears.

7. Let it be

Time heals a broken wound, it teaches the heart to fight and gives you a lesson to better yourself. We met to people to give us lesson, pain, inspiration, happiness and few good memories to keep. Never be afraid of loving and be hurt eventually because not everyone is capable of being loved. Love while you still can.

Remember: UNLOVE is a synonym of unwanted which connotes a negative meaning. Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Hate cannot drive out hate.

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