Metro Manila,Philippines – GLOBAL AIDS UPDATE 2017, Philippines have the most number of confirmed HIV cases in ASIA and the Pacific. The alarming increase in numbers are recorded data from 2010-2016 of HIV/ARTS and Registry of the Philippines. Early 2010, 3400 infected cases were documented and rose to 10500 in 2016 categorizing the Philippines as the number 1 HIV infected country in ASIA and the Pacific Region.

Department of Health (DOH) have identified infected cases of ages 14-28 years old and most commonly transmitted with male-having-sex-with-male (MSM) and transgenders unprotected sexual act.

Private organizations and DOH, promoting HIV awareness campaign have cited fear of the increasing numbers of infected whilst is now on trial of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PREP) distribution and it’s use of anti-HIV medication that keeps HIV negative people from being infected, however, is limited due to its downtime and limited source.

We are yet to end 2017 but record shows 29 persons is living HIV positive daily and will add more numbers if unprotected sex will continue to dominate lustful heed.

On the other hand, here are the list of cities and provinces with most numbers of HIV infected cases recorded.

In April 2017 alone, 629persons have been recorded positive of HIV and 513 of which belongs to 15-34 years old ( No data yet as of MAY 2017 onwards).

Cumulative Data from DOH
(Jan 1984-Feb 2017)

Male: 38,410 positive
Female: 2,894 positive
Total: 41,315 positive cases


Sources: AbsCbn/Rappler/DOH/
HIV/ARTS and Registry of the Philippines/WHO/National HIV/AIDS & STI Surveillance and Strategic Information Unit (NHSSS), Epidemiology Bureau, DOH/cnn Philippines

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