9 signs to road to WALANG FOREVER – by Jadee Dafielmoto

1. Chemically challenge (Panget)

Do you believe in love at first sight ? YES.
We fall for someone who is attractive in our sight and later na yung ugali as we continue to know the person. A sad reality is, if you’re UGLY even if you gave your ALL its never enough because often times hahanap siya ng someone more attractive. Ending ? Solo flight ka ulet.

2. Loner

Introvert. You find happiness by being alone. You find peace and you feel secure of your own presence kaya for you, being alone is life. Sabi nga ni Justine Beiber LOVE YOURSELF.

3. Unfitting standard

You ask yourself. Pogi ba ako? Sexy ba ako? Mayaman ba ako ? If the answer is HINDI and you’re looking for a partner who’s of those ideals then weigh things out. You can’t buy love, you can’t buy real happiness. Better be single than wasting your time to conditional love.

4. Leaving on a jet-plane

They say that distance is not a hindrance to any relationship, pero how long should you wait? How many nights ang kelangan masayang? How many hugs and kisses ang hindi mo mararanasan ? Ay para pala sa future ninyo yon. #LDR

5. Love, lust and drugs

You love him for 24hours. He is the hottest and the most handsome guy for 12 hours. You’re starting to fall inlove with him in total 36 hours. Whats next ? You’re alone again, ugly and wasted.#SayNoToDRugs

6. Home-wrecker attack

You both lived a happy life full of love and sweetness. Here comes the home wrecker! Then your love story ended with just one kiss from this evil mistress.

7. Career oriented

You strive for greatness. You forgot to celebrate your birthdays because you’re too busy with your excell and diagram and suddenly you realized your already 45 years old.


Dahil sa dami ng niloko mo with your past relationships, KARMA it is. Sabi nga ni madam auring sa prediction nya “MAMATAY KANG SINGLE” , hula lang naman.

9. Single blessedness

Could be in relation to sign#1 or it is your calling. Since you are single since birth you just decided to live the life of virgin Mary and serve the church. Magmadre ka nalang bes.

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