8 reasons why gay relationship is COME, SEX and GO – By Jadee Dafielmoto


1. Polygamous by nature

– Dahil sa mindset na “Walang mawawala” we tend to go beyond the limit. We treat sex as if part of our daily life when in fact dapat isinusuko lang ang bataan sa taong mahal mo #Charot

2. Unfaithful

– It is really hard to avoid flirting lalo na kung si crush na ang nag initiate. Just remember to reconsider your self-worth and your commitment. Big fish is always there for a good catch, pero hindi lahat nakakain! Sana maka jackpot ka ng pating!

3. Pa “KARAT” Gold

– When sex is your bread and butter. You will never find true love because your sexual intimacy has a price.

4. Taste bad

– When you thought everything turns out perfect according to plan pero wait meron pala siyang kakulangan ” HINDI SYA MASARAP” in one way or another.

5. In a silent commitment

– Unfortunately pa fall siya. He is committed and yet your SEXcapade is as if you’re the legal wife. Try mo muna magpaka detective before getting into contract.

6. Teaser

– Mahirap hindian ang beki na pasok sa iyong physical standard. Remember they’re just there to play around, tease you until you fall in love then leave. No explaination, no acceptable reason.

7. Karinderya

– When he’s the ULAM of the beki nation. Naghahanap lang sya ng kanin na pwede nyang kainin sa oras na gutom siya.

8. Sex and Drugs

– Chemical Romance turns to Bad Romance. Wag mo na e try, papangit kalang at the same time… Gusto mo ba matokhang?

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