7 ways to unleash non figurative SEXINESS in you – By Jadee Dafielmoto

1. Be conversationalist – Yes! It is on top of the list. During the 1st meet up/date we tend to be shy for many reasons – merely we don’t want to be judge as Mr. KNOW IT ALL. Initiating a good conversation will make both of you at ease which makes him feel that you are sincere with your thoughts, opinion and remarks which adds pogi points and sexiness, much if you have that bedroom voice while talking.

2. Banter with sense – Many failed in this area because we are so hooked up with Pinoy culture. {(Q.What do you want to eat ? Ans. Kahit ano nalang)} or another scenario is (Q.Where do you live? Ans. Just nearby ) !!! Come on, simple questions need a direct answer. It is better to be straight forward than to make an impression that you’re a moron.

3. Sense of humour – Hindi kaba nagtataka kung bakit karamihan sa mga comedians ay magaganda at gwapo ang jowa?! We are facing alot of negativity in our daily lives. The moment you turn on your TV, when you’re shrugged off on an MRT ride or simply browsing thru your facebook. Of all these bad scenes, all we want is someone to make us happy and making someone LAUGH is a talent not everyone is capable of. Laughter is the best medicine and is not available over the counter, so you have to genuinely look for it. As for me, I hate dull moments and boring relationships.

4. Look smart/Act smart – Following rules 1&2 you’ll never go wrong. Being sexy nowadays is not just flaunting your bootylicious or muscled arms or 8packs. Being true and how you present yourself to the crowd is a new form of SEXINESS. Your intellectual stand to some issues based on facts is sexy to a certain degree than being silent and be tagged as body beautiful but a no brainer-Ouch!

5. Less is more – Dress simple not loud. Talk with sense not proud. Be an Icon for change not vulgar. Be factful not tackless – Be yourself.

6. Be kind to others – Young minds almost forgotten the values of courtesy and being a kind hearted. Following the simple rule “RESPECT begets RESPECT”, then we’ll surely have a much better society to live in.

7. APPRECIATION – In all relationship there is LOVE, TRUST and RESPECT – These 3 aspects are given. What makes a relationship unsuccessful despite having these 3 given formula ? It’s called APPRECIATION. We tend to forget to say THANK YOU, to say YOU LOOK GOOD IN THAT SHIRT or a simple reminder “I LOVE YOU” . You tend to assume things are all okay – but in reality you wanted to be appreciated by your little good gestures. It’s never too late though.

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