7 ways to define GAY MEN’s sexual character – By Jadee Dafielmoto

Are you TOP or BOTTOM? How ludicrous being asked this question in public. Is it offensive to ask gay men of their sexual preference? If you are looking for a hookup, in which the implicit purpose is to have sex, then I would submit that answering or taking this question seriously is sort of justifiable.

1. Multiple Gay Dating Apps

We need to talk about how Grindr/Tagged/Twitter/Tinder and other dating apps are affecting gay men’s mental concern. We often talk to people in dating apps more often than having a nice and comprehensive conversation with someone face to face, merely because we can show off our playful behavior intended to arouse sexual interest of other party which leads to self-lustful pleasure. So If you are being ask if you are TOP or BOTTOM? Then I would submit that answering or taking this question seriously is sort of justifiable.

2. Lust over Love

Lustful intent overpowering honest relationship nowadays is a trend. Chemical romance and faking sexual pleasure rule our flesh that we tend to forget the sanctity of our bodies as temples of the sacredness.

3. Loud Fashion Statement

You are what you wear, what you wear define a glimpse of your character. PRIDE has many color, and if wearing colorful statement is your pride, so be it. We have been raised by ancient tradition that men should only wear plain colors to preserve masculinity, but fashion has evolved so as characters, but still many times, loud dressers tagged as feminine and Bottom- I cannot blame them.

4. Shopaholic

Being fanatic to material possession is merely a sign of richness or a simple WANTS vs NEEDS, but often mislead to bragging and social climbing. Men in social media is now vulgar in showing what they buy and eat, but are they real men in essence? For sure, gay men does.

5. Muscle Shirt Lover

Man now, gay later. This is the reality of many gym goers based on what our society perceived to be beautiful and acceptable. If you are not good-looking, atleast you’re hot. Fitness place have become a nest for closeted gay men looking for same body standards. If you saw this beefy guy outside with his Muscle Shirt on, hold back- What’s in your mind ??? is he TOP or BOTTOM ?

6. Bootylicious Brodah

Are you the type of guy who worship’s Butts more than crotches? I would love to meet you and know you more, so shot me an email available in this blog page lol. All joking aside, gay men’s edge from girls are courage and versatility. Courageous to be hurt beyond imagery and versatile in any sexual act should the opportunity permits, If you know what I mean.

7. Tall, Dark, Handsome or Nevermind

Having these physical traits, would be easy for someone to fall for you because the world have created an image of what beautiful is in our judgmental mind. Who’s to blame ? NO ONE.

Beauty should be subjective and honestly these traits are link to gay men than real men. Gay men are vain and tend to take care of themselves much. It is a positive trait? Taking care of yourself is always positive, as you have to love yourself first before being capable of loving others.

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