7 things bakit karamihan sa mga retokada ay pumapangit (ANG UGALI)

1. Bagong Mukha

I always believed na walang pangit na mukha kasi meron at merong maganda jan kelangan mo lang hanapin. May kakilala ako maganda ang mata, maganda ang ilong, maganda ang lips pero nung pinagsama-sama ayun “NO COMMENT ” hahaha. These retokadas just super feel their new YOU and tend to act overly confident.

2. Kinain ng systema

Dahil sa nag aadjust palang sila sa hiram na mukha they also think the old is DEAD and the NEW is starting to build a NEW LIFE to the extent na iniwanan lahat ng kung ano ang meron of their past, FRIENDS, SCHOOL worst is FAMILY.

3. Social status

Walang masama sa personal enhancement kahit di naman talaga kelangan kasi you’re already “IN” based on society’s standard of beauty, but still you tend to do plastic surgery just to show that you can afford this ambitious self-improvement.

4. Narcissistic

Love yourself ika nga! But too much can kill you! Always put limits to your selfies on a daily basis. We understand that it’s your life your rules but not everyone is interested. Good thing most apps nowadays have BLOCK, UNFOLLOW or UNFRIEND button so both of us can easily move on.

5. Goodbye old friends

Which relates to rule#2 dahil nga sa feeling nila they have a NEW persona so it is a pre-requisite to start a new beginning without realizing that TRUE friends are people who knows all about you and love you just the same.

6. Mr seenzoned

Because their self confidence have boost in an instance they felt superior and have set a higher physical standard of beauty. Let me just remind you that BEAUTY FADES AWAY and good character is all that matters.

7. Empty

At the end of the day you will be judge by your actions. Whatever you post or say is a reflection of you. Spread love and be an intrument of change instead. Always think that the glass is half full and not half empty and reinforce positive change. Negative character leaves you in oblivion and when you grow old you have no treasure chest of good memories to look back – EMPTY.

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