7 reasons to STOP loving the wrong person – By Jadee Dafielmoto

1. Feeling Disregarded

Time and distance should not be an issue if you only give assurance na khit busy ka naaalala mo padin siya. There are 2 components liase with your absence.
a) Mamimiss mo sya ng sobra.
b) You will learn to live on your own, alone.

2. Trust Issues

When you’re head-over-heels and you’re blinded by the truth. Always remember that no man is perfect and it is okay not to be okay. So if you feel he’s cheating on you, take off your blindfold and start to face the reality.

3. Undeserving

Sa relasyon may isang mas nagmamahal. Pero hindi ba dapat parehas ? Weigh things out kasi lahat ng sobra ay masama at lahat ng kulang ay dapat punan. Mag isip-isip kana.

4. Chained heart

When your brain says TAMA NA but your heart says KAYA KO PA. Simply put limits kung hanggang saan ang kaya pa ng puso mo kasi if sobra na baka puso mo na mismo ang titigil sa pagtibok sa sakit ng nagdaang panahon.

5. Touch me not

All he want is your body, nothing more, nothing less.

6. Indifferences

Shouldn’t be opposite attracts ? But if your opinion and the likes don’t really jive! Better apply the law of attraction.

7. Change of heart

Yung binigay mo na lahat lahat pero kulang at hindi padin siya masaya. Siguro nga di kayo para sa isat-isa. Accept the fact you’re not his ideals so wake up from your bad dream and focus in searching for new horizon.


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