7 reasons “If I” never love you – By Jadee Dafielmoto


For most people, feeling happy and finding life meaningful are both important and related goals. But do happiness and meaning always go together? IF I never love you, would I still find both words (happiness and meaningful) in my search for self-worth? Here’s my 7 reasons why.

1. Never been genuinely happy

Different love stories – some failed, while others succeed. How complex it is to find true happiness? Now that I have you, my mornings have become extra special with your good morning messages,virtual hugs and kisses.

2. Half-Crazy

Been hurt so many times that we felt loving a different person would mean the same hurt. I kept asking myself “what if I didn’t tried? I would really go crazy if I take away the chance of knowing you more than what I knew.

3. Life is less meaningful

Feeling happy and finding life meaningful are both important and related goals. But do happiness and meaning always go together? I leave it to your own experience. But what I’m sure of, I became happier today than yesterday.

4. Asking same questions over again

We look for signs and if it doesn’t come, we take away our chances to be happy and keep asking ourselves “WHAT IF’s. “If I” never loved you, I would have not known the answers why I love you.

5. Broken dreams, empty heart

Been hurt many times, and no hurt is the same for different reasons. We tend to be afraid of loving again because we don’t deserve to be hurt, and it is true. No love is the same for a different person, thus take away all the WHAT IF’s and open your heart to possibilities of being happy again.

6. Learn new things

“Been there,done that” but this feelings of emptiness dominated my soul. Have traveled miles in hopes of finding someone of our ideals but destiny is intractable. I strive and never say never, there I found you, and if I was afraid to submit myself to you before, I would have keep asking myself “what if? ”

7. Fearless

There is always that one person who gives us strength and will to never give up. Often times the person who makes us laugh is also the person who extremely broke our heart. Loving is not always happiness. Struggles will eventually come your way and once you become fearless, life becomes limitless. Let go of your fear and go after everything you want with reservation.

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