7 Bisexuals clubbing traits version 1.0 – By Jadee Dafielmoto

1. The LAVATORY guy – This bae don’t care how expensive the entrance fee is or how crowded the pub looks like because he has his own favorite place inside the bar “THE MEN’s ROOM”. Let us give him the benefit of the doubt,
siguro mas malamig doon or friendly lang sya at mas malaki ang chance to meet MAHAROT inside the club kasi nga lahat naman naiihi pag nainom. We can also tagged him as “THE MEN’s ROOM GUARD”.

2. The stairway to heaven – Majority of the clubs now in the metro have a second floor. This kind of bisexual is literaly nakaharang sa dadaanan mo. It would be nice if he is cute or handsome because with just one smile he can take your breath away at mas thrilled ka to check if there are more guys like him inside. E paano pag chapter 1 ? Hmmm.. Iphone X please :_)

3. Mr. Know it all – Siguro he graduated with flying colors, a valedictorian or a magna comlandi, este comlaude.
Whatever your profession is inside the bar it doesn’t count because we all have equal rights and privileges. No one is more superior than the bar owner so if nagmamagaling ka and have so much negative to say about the people around you, the door is wide open for you to leave. Just remember – Entrance fee is non-refundable.

4. The Bipolar – Siya yong sobrang saya pa sa simula but as the hours go by nag iiba na ang mood nya. Di mo na
makausap or galit na pag sumagot. Could be he is already very tired or di kaya boring ang music na pini-play ni DJ that affects his sudden mood swing.

5. Mr. MMK – When he’s drunk and started to share his life story from childhood to present. When he shares his ups and down, his happiest moments and downfall. We all have one objective why we are inside the bar and that is to ENJOY. I suggest mag CR kana muna at wag muna sya balikan until he is pacified. Good vibes lang.

6. The MAYOR – He is the guy who always pay the thousand bills at yung iba share share lang ng tag 100. No matter what the attitude of the mayor wala kang magagawa kundi pakisamahan sya kasi hawak nya buhay ng alak at pulutan sa mesa. Sabi nga ITS YOUR LOST not his.

7. Rugs to richest to rugs – We have this one friend na bidang bida ang sarili sa inuman on how he starve to death
to how he bacame rich “Kuno” – ending he is the one paying the bill kasi nga napasubo sa mga frienship. 5am and it’s
time to go home, pagdating sa bahay ready na ang pancit canton for the rest of the week.

Standby for 7 bisexual’s clubbing traits version 2.0

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